What are your prices for the rental of the ballroom?

You can find our prices by clicking on the Venue Rental Pricing page.

How many people can you hold in the ballroom?

Our rental facility is rated for a maximum of 175 guests. BUT, 175 in rows of tables for a banquet are tight. If you are looking for round tables, dancing space, etc such as for a party or reception, we recommend no more than 150 guests.

Can I bring my own food?

Yes, you can bring your own food. However, if your food is coming from one of our approved caterers, then it is considered a catered event.  When you do not use a caterer, there would be NO access to the commercial kitchen.

Can I use a caterer that is not on your approved list of vendors?

No. Only caterers that are under contract with us may be selected for JSQ. We have taken the time to interview and evaluate each caterer we have selected to insure that they meet our criteria for operating in our rental facility. We also want to know that you will get the service we expect you to receive and our caterers meet that test. Learn more about our fantastic caterers!

What permits do I need?

It depends on the event type. If you are hosting a private party, then you do not need a food service permit. If you sell tickets to your event, then you will need the permit.  The lease contract does require you to obtain all necessary permits.

How early can I access the building to set up for my event?

We allow a 2-hour window on both sides of your event time for you to setup and break-down the tables and chairs as well as cleaning and sweeping.

What is the latest hour an event can take place?

We require events to end by 11:00 PM with guests departing the rental hall by 15 minutes past the event end time. Lessee can stay up to the 2 hours past event end for clean up ONLY.  Guests must have left the ballroom at clean up point.

Who will setup the ballroom and clean up after the event?

The lessee is responsible for setting up the chairs and tables. After the event, the lessee must return all tables and chairs to their storage closets and leave the room broom swept. Many times, the caterer will handle this though there may be a fee from the caterer for that service.

Can I tour the rental facility to help decide?

Certainly! Please call or email us to arrange a visit. Normally, we have personnel available Monday-Friday, 8AM-4PM. Other times can be arranged. And check out the virtual tour of our facility!

Are there any deposit or insurance requirements?

There is a deposit due with the signed lease with the balance due before the event. You also must provide a certificate of insurance that you can obtain from your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance company. Details on coverage amounts are available in the lease.

Do you charge for tables and chairs?

No, currently, the chairs and tables are provided as part of the ballroom rental fees.

Can I decorate the ballroom?

Yes, FREE-Standing decorations are permitted, however; you can NOT tape, tack, nail, pin anything to any part of the building or furniture. You can use balloons that are anchored by weights on the floor.

Do you have a place for the bridal party to wait prior to entering the reception?

Yes, we do. We have a lounge that can hold up to 12 people at the top of the Lobby stairs.


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